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# PandocPlus
A Docker container with Pandoc, LaTeX and Haskell libraries for running Haskell Pandoc filters.
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A Docker container for Pandoc including extra stuff I frequently use. Based on Arch Linux, so it is very up-to-date. Contains Pandoc, pandoc-crossref, pandoccCiteproc, ghc and haskell-pandoc-types for Pandoc filters written in Haskell, texlive with some addons and make for building.
The main reason I use this is that the official pandoc/latex image is Alpine-based, which is great, but also means executables compiled on Debian don't work and compiling Haskell stuff for Alpine is currently really cumbersome. Also I would need to install additional TeXLive stuff every build in the container.
As I want to use custom filters written in Haskell, I decided to simply build my own image based on Arch Linux with all the extra stuff I frequently need for easier usage with Pandoc documents in CI.
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