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A Docker container for Pandoc including extra stuff I frequently use. Based on Arch Linux, because that's what I use as everyday system and it worked for me.
## Motivation
## Links
The official repository is at my own GitLab: <>. Open issues and merge requests there.
However, due to bandwith restrictions, the repository is read-only mirrored to <>. Please pull the image from the Docker registry there if you want to use it locally or in CI piplines that are not on <>.
**Image pull link:** ``
## Tags
The image is rebuilt monthly with the newest packages and on changes to the repo. Each build is tagged with the timestamp of the build. The latest build is also available under the `latest` tag.
## Usage
The main reason I use this is that the official pandoc/latex image is Alpine-based, which is great, but also means executables compiled on Debian don't work and compiling Haskell stuff for Alpine is currently really cumbersome. Also I would need to install additional TeXLive stuff every build in the container.
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