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title: Memorial to Alan M. Turing
![Portrait of Alan Turing [^i]](res/turing.jpg){width=380px}
[Alan Mathison Turing]( (1912 - 1954) was a mathematician and computer scientist. He is widely regarded as father of the field of theoretical computer science, for example for formalizing the concept of computability through the [Turing machine](
His work on cryptanalysis was vital to the British efforts of breaking Nazi Germany's [Enigma encryption]( that helped the Allies defeat the Nazis in multiple important battles and ultimately end World War II.
When Turing's house was burglarized in 1952 his homosexuality came up in the following investigations. He was subsequently charged and convicted of "gross indecency" and forced to undergo hormonal "treatment". The synthetic estrogen rendered him impotent and feminized his body, driving him into a depression and later in 1954 to suicide by cyanide poisoning. He died the age of just forty one years.
The government repaid his accomplishments with prosecution and inhumane treatment for no reasons other than irrational prejudice and hatred. Only in 2009, after an internet campaign, the British government issued a official apology.
Let us remember Alan Turing's accomplishments in various scientific fields and in the defeat of Nazi Germany. And let the memory of his fate remind us what hate, intolerance and tyranny lead to.
[^i]: [Picture "Alan Turing"]( by Elliott & Fry licensed from National Portrait Gallery, London, under [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0](
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