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title: 5G Fuss
date: 2019-10-15
tags: [Politics, Germany, Internet, Tech]
link: /res/thumb/a45-oespel.jpg
alt: The autobahn A45 in Dortmund-Oespel and the road sign for "all restrictions lifted".
abstract: The new cellular network technology 5G is now beginning to be deployed and handled like a big revolution. But is it really?
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Politicians and companies alike are yet again playing buzzword bingo. Blockchain, artificial intelligence and now 5G. Everybody ist talking about it, seemingly every problem will be solved with it.
Yes, 5G is faster than 4G. A lot, actually, and it has lower latency. Nice. But what can it do beside that? Can it fix world hunger? Achieve peace in the middle east? Stop climate change? The answer is no. It's just a faster network technology. Why every politician seems to think it's somehow some revolutionary new concept that will bring self-driving cars by itself is utterly beyond me.
The thing is that 5G isn't even that great. It's range is significantly lower than 4G, for example. And if you've ever ridden a train outside of a city in Germany, you'll have noticed that not even 4G is anywhere near area-covering. You can't really work in a long-distance train because the train wi-fi loses connection regularly. But somehow 5G with its tiny range is supposed to fix the connectivity problems? It's frustrating.
Not only that 5G is handled like a solution it simply isn't, a really important problem about is is being largely ignored: One of the frequency bands auctioned off for use in 5G for it are important for weather forecasts. 5G transmitters could interfere massively with measurings of weather sattelites, throwing back forecast quality by dozens of years. And that is not just a question of getting surprised by rain when going to the beach, high-quality forecasts are important for safety against storms and more, on land, for ships and for aircraft.
Nothing against improving cellular network technology – but please don't make it to be a miracle cure for things it can't to anything against and forget the real cures over it. And please – don't forget to consider the side effects over all the hype.
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