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title: About
![Me](/res/nicolas.jpg){width=300px float=right} Welcome! On this page you can find some background about me and this blog.
# Me
My name is Nicolas Lenz, or Eisfunke, and I'm a bachelor student of computer science at Technical University of Dortmund in Germany.
I'm chairman of the [student body]( of the computer science faculty, I work as tutor and I participate in the [FOSS-AG](
## Interests
- Programming languages and their theory
- Functional programming
- Category Theory & Algebraic Modelling
- (Left-Libertarian) Politics
- Science in General
- Free Software
- Cycling
- Streets, traffic and city planning
- Geocaching
- Kite flying
- Astronomy
![Me](/res/nicolas.jpg){width=300px float=right} Welcome! My name is Nicolas Lenz, or Eisfunke. I'm a bachelor student of computer science at Technical University of Dortmund in Germany.
# Contact & Links
......@@ -35,11 +15,84 @@ There are a lot of places where one can contact and/or find me online.
- **EisfunkeGit**: [\@eisfunke](
- **GitHub**: [\@Eisfunke](
- **StackExchange**: [Eisfunke](
- **EisfunkeForum**: [Eisfunke](
- **Student body computer science at TU Dortmund University**: <>
- **Steam**: [Eisfunke](
- **Signal messenger**: Available upon request
- **Briar messenger**: Available upon request
# About Me
::: box
## Personal
I'm 22 and live in Dortmund, Germany where I'm a bachelor student of computer science at TU Dortmund University.
My main interests are science, computer science and politics (see below), also space exploration, history, philosophy, city and traffic planning.
I'm chairman of the [student body]( of the computer science faculty at my university and I participate in the [FOSS-AG](
I enjoy cycling, my main means of mobility is my pedelec. Mostly with my girlfriend and sometimes with my parents or other people I do [Geocaching](, an outdoor game using GPS where one solves puzzles and other stuff to find hidden boxes called "geocaches".
Moreover, as a computer geek I'm of course into computer games as well, mainly strategy and management games like [Cities: Skylines](, [Europa Universalis]( or [Stellaris]( Apart from that I'm fond of simulations like [Kerbal Space Program]( or [Elite: Dangerous]( These two games are where I mainly got my liking of astronomy, space exploration and rocket science from.
I also like photography, mainly landscapes, streets and architecture. When I'm somewhere with enough wind, I love kite flying.
::: box
## Science & Computer Science
*Work in progress*
I love science, scientific method, learning and explaining things. I am a skepticist and rationalist. I strive to question all my beliefs and knowledge and back it up with rational reasoning.
I study computer science with passion at [TU Dortmund University]( in Germany.
I have special interest in the fields of functional programming, lambda calculus, type systems, formal languages and grammars, programming language design and theory, category theory and algebraic data structures.
I also enjoy the practical stuff: programming (preferably functionally), Linux, administration, continuous integration, data security and free/libre and open source software in general. I administrate a home server (which this web page runs on) and write software for fun, most of openly available under free licenses. Take a look at my [GitLab]( if you like.
Some of my favorite projects include:
- [Lightfold](, a very young and experimental functional programming language with a dependent type system implemented in Haskell. I started development in my [bachelor thesis](
- [Nebelhorn](, a static site generator using [Pandoc]( This website is generated with Nebelhorn.
- [Mock]( and the corresponding [Telegram bot]( Mock is a GReAt HAsKeLL tOOl to traNSFoRm TExt into different styles.
::: box
## Politics
*Work in progress*
I am interested in politics, which is one of the main reasons for the existence of this blog: I want to try to better organize and formulate my politcal thoughts.
Generally, I consider myself a libertarian in the sense that I firmly believe in personal and individual freedom as a fundamental human right. Freedom as in free to do, express, believe whatever one wants as long as it doesn't infringe on other people's freedom. I also believe in a utopia (everybody should have a utopia to strive for) where there is no authoritative government necessary anymore and society organizes itself.
I am also a proponent of free markets, free trade and economic growth as I believe them to be generally the most effective method of organizing an economy of billions of people. I also believe in the pacifying effect of democracy and global trade. War is a negative-sum game: regardless of the outcome, both sides *lose*. Peaceful and fair trade however is a positive-sum game: both sides *win*.
Nevertheless, markets and economic shoud never be an end in itself. They are merely tools (effective tools if used correctly) for the goal of providing *everybody* with the wealth required for a self-determined and distress-free life and as much luxury as feasible without exploiting humans or our environment so it can continually sustain life.
Probably the closest school of thought to me is [Mutualism]( a domination-free society based on free markets and voluntary mutual solidarity.
TODO progressivism
TODO influenced by
# Licensing
[![CC-BY-SA-4.0]({float=right}]( Unless marked otherwise, the content and [source code]( of this blog are licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license](
The header image is of the [autobahn A81]( in Geisingen, Germany. The image is in the public domain and taken from <>.
The fonts used are [Raleway]( as main sans serif font, [Zilla Slab]( as Slab Serif font for continuous text and [Iosevka]( in a [custom variant]( as monospace code font.
# Tech
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