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title: Bytegeschichten
date: 2021-08-17
tags: [Podcast, Tech, Science, Computer Science]
link: /res/thumb/bytegeschichten.png
alt: TThe cover image of Bytegeschichten.
abstract: "I make a German-speaking podcast about computer science named \"Bytegeschichten\"."
![The cover image of Bytegeschichten.](/res/article/bytegeschichten.png)
Somehow I completely missed to write an article about it until now, but better late than never: I make a German-speaking podcast about computer science. It's called *Bytegeschichten* (German for "byte stories") and is inspired in name and idea by other German-speaking science podcasts like [Sternengeschichten]( (German for "star stories") or [Geschichten aus der Geschichte]( (German for "stories from history").
In short episodes I explain a specific topic from computer science in a way that's hopefully understandable not only to tech-savvy people, but also for interested amateurs.
With Bytegeschichten I hope to show that computer science it not just about people hacking away at computers — it's a complete science just like mathematics or physics with a huge amount of topics and research from theoretical to practical.
Over the last few months it was paused after only a few episodes as I haven't had enough time due to a pretty full semester at university. However, the semester is over and now two new episiodes are out. I hope that I'll be able to keep up an upload schedule of an episode every two weeks. Before I started this project I didn't appreciate how much time even these few minutes of content take to prepare and record when I'm trying to really flesh it out well.
I'd like to eventually make an English version as well, however, the amount of time I have chronically lags behind the amount of things I want to do, so don't expect that anytime soon.
Anyway — if you understand German and that sounds interesting to you, check Bytegeschichten out at its website:
[]({.button .high}
If you enjoy it, I'd be very thankful if you could tell other people about the project!
If you have any comments, opinions, ideas or suggestion, I'd love to hear from you [over in the Bytegeschichten section in my forum](!
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