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I love science, scientific method, learning and explaining things. I am a skepticist and rationalist: I strive to question all my knowledge and my beliefs and and back them up with rational reasoning.
I study computer science with passion at [TU Dortmund University]( in Germany.
I study computer science at [TU Dortmund University]( in Germany.
My special interests lie in the fields of functional programming, lambda calculus, type systems, formal languages and grammars, programming language design and theory, category theory and algebraic/inductive/recursive data structures.
One of my key passions is teaching and explaining the things I learn. I work as a tutor at my university, I sometimes do talks for the [FOSS-AG](, where I also organized a workshop about functional programming. I'm currently organizing a bigger [workshop about functional programming (in German)]( for fun.
I enjoy the practical stuff as well: programming (preferably functional), Linux, server administration, continuous integration, data/communication security and free/libre and open source software in general. I administrate a home server (which this web page runs on) and write software for fun, most of it openly available under free licenses.
Take a look at my [GitLab]( for my software and more. Some of my favorite projects include:
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