Unverified Commit 74242a2b authored by eisfunke's avatar eisfunke
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Makefile can now also generate colored svgs

parent 8d9eb0e9
......@@ -2,14 +2,19 @@ WIDTH=600
COLORS=cf7e03 e41131 102298 111011
ALL=$(foreach color, $(COLORS), out/gem-$(color).png)
allpng: $(foreach color, $(COLORS), out/gem-$(color).png)
all: $(ALL)
allsvg: $(foreach color, $(COLORS), out/gem-$(color).svg)
all: allpng allsvg
out/gem-%.png: src/gem.svg | out
sed "s/%COLOR%/#$*/" $< > out/gemtemp.svg
inkscape -w $(WIDTH) -e $@ out/gemtemp.svg
rm out/gemtemp.svg
out/gem-%.svg: src/gem.svg | out
sed "s/%COLOR%/#$*/" $< > $@
mkdir -p out
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