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<h2>Matrix device keys</h2>
<p>These are the trusted devices and their keys for my account @eisfunke:eisfunke.com on the Matrix messenger.</p>
<li><b>Mobile (AETYTANGGO):</b> <code>phey uAmB 2W4y 2uZp uOqP XDq2 0vRh zEwQ hIZW F8Jq 8VU</code></li>
<li><b>Mobile (POCUJYPFIP):</b> <code>pXhe jEsH kZ5w K+6z uKUi bodf j4oy 7Wem fhwo 9LT0 fIQ</code></li>
<li><b>Notebook (HYVEXOCJKR):</b> <code>WcZW 6OQW lKE1 QG5g fIu/ N8rQ PBPU kKzU M17e hnm6 Hdk</code></li>
<li><b>Desktop (QTIGPBSKZU):</b> <code>tamc 1bDP H/Ny NaNa P+hg uzSS 5Ya5 qI6i k3rV lOla Zxo</code></li>
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