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My personal website. Built using pure Sass and XHTML - no JavaScript, PHP or Google services.
A makefile to build the site (at this point, that is only one Sass file, the rest is simply copied) and to deploy it via `rsync` and `ssh` is included.
A makefile is used to build the site using `rsync` and `ssh` into `out/`.
In the future I will use this as a base for my blog engine using Markdown and Pandoc.
### How to deploy
**Dependencies:** You need to have `make` and `sass` installed. If you want to use the deploy function, you also need to create a file named `deploy-target` containing the path to deploy to. That might be a simple local path, e.g. `/srv/foo` or any other path `rsync` understands, like a remote ssh resource: ``.
Then simply use `make all` to build the site into `out/` and/or use `make deploy` to deploy the site.
Also take a look at [](
### Thanks
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