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R file to generate palettes

parent 654fc857
n <- 11 # Number of colors in each palette
primary <- sequential_hcl(n, h=c(5, 70), c=c(90,160,55), l=c(12,98), power=c(1.1,1.2))
secondary <- sequential_hcl(n, h=rep(266,2), c=c(8,32,6), l=c(7,95), power=c(1.15,1.05))
#background <- sequential_hcl(n, c=0, l=c(3,97), power=1)
primary_str <- tolower(paste(primary, collapse=", "))
secondary_str <- tolower(paste(secondary, collapse=", "))
specplot(rgb=TRUE, primary, secondary)
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