Miscellaneous script for my everyday usage.

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 1 week ago

An SVG graphic of a gem.


Updated 8 months ago

Updated 1 month ago

My personal ZSH config with a pretty powerline-like prompt.

Updated 4 months ago

My build script for the OpenWRT image builder.

Updated 1 week ago

My private build plan for the Iosevka font.

Updated 4 months ago

Die Folien zu meinem Vortrag »Metaheuristische Optimierung: Ant Colony System und Guided Local Search« für mein Proseminar bei Prof. Müller.

Updated 1 week ago

My solutions for the Advent of Code.

Updated 6 months ago

Unfinished Haskell version of Conways Game of Life

Updated 3 weeks ago

Ideas for an innovative future OS.

Updated 5 days ago

Haskell program for my sway status bar.

Updated 1 week ago

The vague idea of a modern dependently-typed programming language.

Updated 1 day ago

A static blog generator written in Haskell and using Pandoc.

Updated 3 days ago

An absolutely indispensable web application counting days.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Stuff for automata (DFA, NFA, ε-NFA) written in Idris.

Updated 10 months ago

A Telegram bot that can run shell commands on the host.

Updated 6 months ago

My logo.

Updated 7 months ago

My GHCI configuration.

Updated 6 months ago


Updated 9 months ago