Ideas for an innovative future OS.
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Ideas for an innovative future OS.

  • Typed file system for great good
    • Every file has a type, like types of variables in programming languages. The types are managed by the OS.
    • The types are enforced and guaranteed. If you check a file to be a number, it will be a number. Programming languages can incorporate this into their file functions.
    • Type system from Katrin
    • Especially useful for special files, for communication with devices etc.
  • Everything is a file (→ UNIX, Plan 9)
  • Simplify file permissions
    • Maybe only permissions per folder and not on files?
    • Something better than owner/rwxrwxrwx system
    • Access lists that are inherited, so that most files/folders don’t need any access specified. Far easier to manage
  • File system structure?
  • Capsule every application (→ QubesOS)
    • Seamless compatibility with multiple OS programs by different “container”-types
  • Functional-declarative package management using Nix or a custom derivative
    • No dynamic linking, no dependency hell, do static linking. The space saving isn’t worth it.
    • Incorporate programming languages own package management system using some kind of bridge to save great amounts of work for packaging every single of those packages
    • (German)