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# katrin
# Katrin
The vague idea of a new functional programming language with dependent types.
*Katrin* is a modern, functional, general-purpose programming language with dependent types.
This repository will contain ideas, planning and hopefully one day the language specifications.
At this point it's just [a wild collection of ideas]( and some ground work for an algebraic compiler written in Haskell.
Ideas, comments and suggestions are always welcome!
......@@ -42,6 +42,4 @@ defExampleNat = Def
(Application (Variable $ ValueId "Succ") (Variable $ ValueId "One"))
katrinExample01 :: Katrin
katrinExample01 = Katrin
[typeExampleNat] -- type defs
[defExampleNat] -- defs
katrinExample01 = Katrin [typeExampleNat] [defExampleNat]
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