Commit 75492b3a authored by Nicolas Lenz's avatar Nicolas Lenz

Still hacky af, but works now

parent 679b30ac
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ handleAction (Reply message) model = model <# do
replyText message
pure NoAction
handleAction (InlineReply (title,message)) model = model <# do
answerInlineQuery [Telegram.InlineQueryResultArticle "article" "unique id mkay" title $ Telegram.InputTextMessageContent message]
answerInlineQuery [Telegram.InlineQueryResultArticle "article" (title <> "\n" <> message) title (Telegram.InputTextMessageContent message) message]
pure NoAction
handleAction SendHelp model = model <# do
reply $ (toReplyMessage help) {replyMessageParseMode = Just Telegram.Markdown, replyMessageDisableWebPagePreview = Just True}
......@@ -6,5 +6,6 @@ packages:
- git:
commit: 0ee2b62b984d44fa5199d4d94c81fb6cf271ba3d
- /home/nicolas/repo/extern/telegram-bot-simple
- git:
commit: 8125540eeba404ef49f62df54ce838f2823516b1
commit: 59ea013c2edf359d317517b3214085bac535f180
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