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Mismatched package metadata for Repo from, commit 54dabde276fcb6b341e646d0ce212560baf670fa
Found: mock-3.6.0 with cabal file 9d987a3b521a40421dd6b62a27f81461254f67762f46562919b7bd3aceba7709,1238 and tree 2f23b107d7dffe660f31a2f03b28c414eeeb026db123e7fc506eb10cdc4d8273,728
Expected: name == mock, version == 3.6.0, tree == 2f23b107d7dffe660f31a2f03b28c414eeeb026db123e7fc506eb10cdc4d8273,728, cabal file == 21285384118237432140141630008192032413b2dca0f50e2aed31c11f423fbc,1238
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