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wAR miR jEtzT Zu anSTRENgEnd dA JedeN ZWEiten BUChSTaBeN GRoSS zU scHREiBen

There is a Telegram bot for Mock available as @truemockbot, you can find its source code in the repository.


Just clone this repository or download a release and call

$ stack install

inside the folder. This will install Mock into ~/.local/bin, which should be added to $PATH.

If you’re using Arch Linux: there is also an AUR package available.


mock [STYLE] [TEXT]

You can get help a list of possible mock styles with mock.

If no text or “-” is given, input is read from stdin.


$ mock random This is a great program.
ThIs Is A greaT PROgrAM.

$ mock space This is a great program.
T h i s   i s   a   g r e a t   p r o g r a m.

Mock calls can of course be concatenated with pipes:

$ mock space This is a great program. | mock random
T h I S   i S   A   G R e A t   P R o g r a m .