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![Nebelhorn logo](logo/logo.svg)
# Nebelhorn
![Nebelhorn logo](logo/logo.svg)
A flexible static website generator using [Pandoc](, written in Haskell.
For an example of what it can do, take a look at [my blog](
## Usage
The usage of Nebelhorn is documented in the [wiki](
## Installation
To build Nebelhorn yourself all you need is a working [Stack]( installation.
Then clone or download this repository and run `stack install` in the repo folder. This will build Nebelhorn and install it as `.local/bin/nebelhorn`.
Alternatively download the latest binary [here]( It has no dependencies except glibc, so it should run out-of-the-box on most Linux systems (not Alpine).
Official packages or container are not yet available, but planned.
A static blog generator written in Haskell and using Pandoc.
## Contribution
The template must contain:
- `$navbar$`: Here a `<navbar>` with `<a>`'s for every link will be inserted. The active one will have have the class `active`.
If you discover any bugs, or if you have comments or feature ideas, please do open an issue or even submit a merge request.
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