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  Nicolas Lenz 2635cd7960 Opus channel layout h265-hw 1 month ago
  Nicolas Lenz 03851a2036 Update nc path 1 month ago
  Nicolas Lenz 504c9be1bc Converters accept multiple args now 2 months ago
  Nicolas Lenz e2d5bfd8e2 Converters deduce filename 2 months ago
  Nicolas Lenz 5af6843976 Add strip-meta, rename edit-jpg-public 2 months ago
  Nicolas Lenz 74f83ff447 Update video converting scripts 2 months ago
  Nicolas Lenz b4d4cb7aae add kitty-new-tab and screenshot 3 months ago
  Nicolas Lenz 7487a8aec8 Multiple things 3 months ago
  Nicolas Lenz a5f146902c Add get-git-file 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz 3a5119d5ec Add SRI hash script 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz c67edea61a Clipboard tools 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz 9606f2fb95 Merge branch 'master' of git.eisfunke.com:tools/scripts 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz c3f0081ea4 Disclaimer in readme 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz 6375e7aee1 More comments 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz a22db0da0a Add license (apache) 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz ecf6e55fcb WIP note 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz b0599e070e More comment in print-oh14 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz 243aa3b62b Fix nc-ctl to pass all arguments 1 year ago
  Nicolas Lenz 87c22654e9 Renew repo 1 year ago