Miscellaneous script for my everyday usage.
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Nicolas Lenz a5f146902c Add get-git-file 7 个月前
LICENSE Add license (apache) 7 个月前
README.md Disclaimer in readme 7 个月前
conv-beamer Renew repo 8 个月前
conv-h265 WIP note 7 个月前
conv-opus Renew repo 8 个月前
conv-pdf More comments 7 个月前
conv-tex Renew repo 8 个月前
edit-jpg-public Renew repo 8 个月前
edit-wg-del-dns More comments 7 个月前
get-clip Clipboard tools 7 个月前
get-git-file Add get-git-file 7 个月前
get-ip Renew repo 8 个月前
get-mirrors More comments 7 个月前
get-sri-hash Add SRI hash script 7 个月前
nc-ctl Fix nc-ctl to pass all arguments 8 个月前
nc-update Renew repo 8 个月前
print-fsr Renew repo 8 个月前
print-oh14 More comment in print-oh14 7 个月前
print-quota Renew repo 8 个月前
set-clip Clipboard tools 7 个月前
show-neo2 Renew repo 8 个月前
toggle-touch Renew repo 8 个月前



Miscellaneous scripts for my everyday usage.

These are customized for myself, so I can’t guarantee you they will work for you in any way! Still, contributions and questions are welcome.