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Fix hamlet

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......@@ -34,11 +34,10 @@ postFormR :: Text -> Handler Html
postFormR id = case lookup id cf of
Just ConfigFormSurvey{..} -> do
result <- runInputPost $ traverseWithKey surveyQuestion configFormSurveyQuestions
--let result = "Test"
defaultLayout [whamlet|<p>${show result}|]
defaultLayout [whamlet|<p>#{show result}|]
Just ConfigFormQuiz{..} -> do
result <- runInputPost $ traverseWithKey quizQuestion configFormQuizQuestions
defaultLayout [whamlet|<p>${show result}|]
defaultLayout [whamlet|<p>#{show result}|]
Nothing -> defaultLayout [whamlet|<p>Oops.|]
surveyQuestion :: Text -> ConfigFormSurveyQuestion -> FormInput Handler Answer
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