My personal website.
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My personal website. Built using pure Sass and XHTML - no JavaScript, PHP or Google services.

A makefile to build the site (at this point, that is only one Sass file, the rest is simply copied) and to deploy it via rsync and ssh is included.

In the future I will use this as a base for my blog engine using Markdown and Pandoc.

How to deploy

Dependencies: You need to have make and sass installed. If you want to use the deploy function, you also need to create a file named deploy-target containing the path to deploy to. That might be a simple local path, e.g. /srv/foo or any other path rsync understands, like a remote ssh resource:

Then simply use make all to build the site into out/ and/or use make deploy to deploy the site.


This project uses the Metropolis and Linux Libertine fonts.